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Product features of “RealBest” kits:
  • Simple nucleic acids extraction using magnetic particles
  • Lyophilized ready-to-use Master Mix for PCR (RT PCR), the only remaining step is addition of the eluted nucleic acids
  • Universal and rapid amplification protocol for all infections
  • Noncompetitive Internal Control of extraction and amplification efficiencies
  • Storage of all components at the same temperature (2-8)°С for up to 12 months; no freezing required
  • Transportation of kits at room temperature for up to 10 days
  • The majority of “RealBest” kits are CE-marked (Declarations of conformity of 2014/09/11, of 2016/02/20, CE0483 № 4112.21.01/0).
Different formats:

Str-format: The Ready Master Mix is lyophilized in white strips of 8 x 0.2 ml tubes. Just extract the nucleic acids (NA), pipette into the tubes, and they are ready for testing.

Fla-format: The Master Mix for 10 reactions is lyophilized in 2.0 ml vials. After resuspension with Recovery Solution, dispense the diluted Master Mix to the optimized tubes, add extracted NA and run the test.

Uni-format: The Ready Master Mix is lyophilized in clear 0.2 ml tubes. Add extracted NA into the tubes and run the test. One tube – one reaction.


Real-time PCR cyclers and formats:

Str, Uni formats can be used with: CFX96™ (Bio-Rad, USA), DTprime (DT-96), DTlite (DNA-Technology Research and Production Company, Russia) and their analogues.

Fla, Uni can be used with: Rotor-Gene® Q (Qiagen, Germany), Rotor-Gene® 6000/3000 (Corbett Research, Australia).

Diagnostic kits